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Natural Stone Landscape

Natural Stone Landscape Natural Stone LandscapeSince ancient times with the Greeks, Egyptians and Romans, natural stone was used for making flat and smooth patios and pavements. Quarries where much quality stone was available became places where laborers and skilled artisans chipped the stone out of the ground and cut it in various sizes by hand.

Holding the Home

Holding the Home Holding the Home Some Realtors try to convince home sellers that it is in their best interest to hold the property off the MLS or the open market for a few days or a few weeks. The Realtor will offer the rationalization that he or she will have more control over the transaction and this will benefit the sellers, or that the Realtor will give the seller a discount on the commission by a percent if the agent sells it him- or herself in the first couple weeks while the home is not in the MLS.